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Hummingbird Fish Finder
Fish Finders

How to Read Humminbird Fish Finder – Beginners Guide

Humminbird fish finders are one of the best and the popular brand most anglers use. With it, you can see whatever is underneath your water vessel, like rocks, vegetation and fish. However, after buying your humminbird fish finder and installing it, you can easily get frustrated if you’ve never used a fish finder device before.

Garmin Fish Finder
Fish Finders

How to Read a Garmin Fish Finder – Step by Step Instructions

If you’ve got a fish finder, you’ll have an easy time locating fish while underwater after it detects reflected sound energy. A modern fish finder, like Garmin fishfinder with a customized display, allows you to see and read the data on its screen. When this happens, you’ll be able to locate fish in their hiding

Spooling a Spinning Rod
Fishing Line

How to Put a Line on Reel – Spooling a Spinning Rod

Putting a line on a reel is an essential part of your fishing trip as it helps you catch fish. However, for it to work effectively, you need to put it well on a reel. Knowing how to do this will help you save on time and cost since you can replace or put the

make fishing lures
Tips and Info

How to Make Fishing Lures Yourself at Home

If you have a fishing lure, you won’t struggle to get the attention of fish. A lure is a type of stimulated bait with contrasting colors uses movement, vibration, and flash to attract fish. Usually, the lures have got several hooks that help you catch the fish if they strike it. But can you make

side imaging fish finder
Fish Finders

Side Imaging Fish Finders – Simple Beginners Guide

Hummingbird made the first side imaging fish finder in 2005. The benefits of using hummingbird side-scan saw many anglers opt for it. Currently, most brands have side viewing sonar in any size of fish finder globally. But how does side imaging fish finder work? Which is the best side imaging fish finder, and how do

how to read fish finder
Fish Finders

How to Use and Read a Fish Finder – Complete Guide for Beginners

You can’t enjoy fishing if your trips in the water prove to be unsuccessful with no or little catch every time. To avoid such experiences, you need the right equipment to increase your catch. One of important instruments is the fish finder which helps you locate fish and see the water bottom. However, you’ve got

How to Install a Fishfinder
Fish Finders

How to Install a Fish Finder: Complete Installation Guide

You’ll have an easy time locating and catching fish in any water body with a fish finder. You’ll also have an insight on how and where to fish since it shows you the type of fish and their location. For a successful trip on the water, you need to know how to read and install

what is chirp sonar
Fish Finders

What is Chirp Sonar – Chirp on Fish Finder

For several years anglers have been using traditional sonars with either single or double frequencies and triple frequency transducers. However, things are now changing with the introduction of chirp technology. What does chirp mean, how does it work, and what are the benefits of using this technology? Read on to get all your questions about

side imaging vs down imaging
Fish Finders

Down Imaging vs Side Imaging Fish Finders – Complete Guide

If you are into fishing and have tried using a fish finder or ever thought of buying one, you must have come across the dilemma of down imaging or side imaging fish finders. There is a lot of confusion about this topic, mainly because of interchangeable gorgons used by the well-known fish finder brands. So,

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