Best Garmin Fish Finder Reviews

Have you decided to go with GARMIN as your preferred choice out of the numerous brands of Fish finders out there and are seriously considering investing in one of their numerous devices but can’t seem to make a decision on the best Garmin Fish finder for you?

Well, no need to further waste your precious time as we’ve already taken ours to go through all the popular reviews scattered across the internet space to bring you 7 of the best Fish finder unit options from Garmin. You’ll most likely be doing yourself a huge favor by sticking to this page and reading this article to the end as we’ll be drawing up our list of best Garmin Fish finders featuring Devices that caters for Anglers of all classes – newbies, regulars or intermediates and the core professionals, type and budgets.

Garmin is a highly reputable brand when it comes to the production of Fish finders as their products are known to be durable, reliable and highly capable of displaying, in crystal clear terms, what’s beneath the water surface. And, what’s even more impressive about them? Excellent customer service team. Their range of Fish finder series includes the STRIKER series which has the most basic and affordable range of Garmin Fish finder units, ECHOMAP series which offers Fish finders and chart plotters that relatively falls in the mid – range and the more sophisticated and expensive GPSMAP units that offers a wide array of navigation and networking possibilities.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s dive into the actual business of the day where we review 7 of the best Garmin Fish finders to aid your decision making process. This list will be made in no particular order.

Top Garmin Fish Finders

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Released as far back as 2015, the striker 4 can be regarded as one of the pioneer models of the Garmin Striker series. However, being that it is arguably considered as the most affordable unit and offers qualities that exceeds its’ price tag, it is still much relevant and even regarded as one of the most popular Garmin fish finder Models in the market today.

This Device comes with a 3.5inch color, 480 x 320 screen display which makes for quite clear reading. It also has a LED Backlight for enhanced readability in direct sunlight. It is well durable and waterproofed to stand incidential exposure to water.

The Garmin striker 4 comes with standard CHIRP sonar and supports three base frequencies; 50/77/200 khz and includes a Dual – beam Transducer that supports 77/’ 200 khz. It comes with a Transom mount, 6m of cable and an internal Temperature sensor.

It lacks the Quickdraw contour feature like the other striker unit but has a GPS plotter that allows for Waypoint saving which enables you navigate easily on water and plot your course. Despite lacking some latest technological features, this Device has been proven by Anglers of all classes – over the years – to be efficient at doing just what a fish finding Device is expected to do, which is helping you ‘find fish’. This is why it’ll always be one of our main recommendations to anyone for Best Garmin inexpensive fish finder.

  • Dual frequency CHIRP Sonar
  • Basic GPS plotter
  • Tilt and swivel mount
  • Transducer included
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • 6m of cable included
  • No Quickdraw contour feature
  • Small screen
  • Does not support Maps


One of the more recent Garmin units that hit the market sometimes in 2020. It shares similarities with the preceding Striker plus 4cv Unit however with some slight improvements.

The Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv comes with a 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 LCD display and a LED backlight. Not much, but it sure gives quite clear viewing that’s commensurate to its price and also comes with a IPX7 waterproof which gives it cover in the case of incidental exposure to water.

The unit has a built – in GPS plotter that enables you mark waypoints, record your tracks and create routes which is quite important for safety and easy Navigation. What it lacks in Chart plotting abilities, it tries to make up for, with the inclusion of the Quickdraw contour Tool which enables you record the depth contours of favourite lakes thereby creating your own customized fishing chart.

This Device comes with two in – built SONAR types that support multiple frequencies which includes 50/77/200khz for standard CHIRP and 260/455/800khz for ClearVu. It includes a GT20 – TM Transducer which has a Transom mount, 6cm of cable and an internal Temperature sensor which tell you the temperature of the water. The transducer deploys two conical beams with a coverage of 15 @ 200khz and 45 @ 77khz with a 1900ft range.

Considering the massively underrated value it brings for its cheap price, it’s no surprise why this Fish finder is highly regarded by many as the Best buy Garmin Fish finder.

  • Waterproof that enhances durability
  • Standard CHIRP
  • Supports Dual frequency
  • GPS plotter for Navigation
  • Quickdraw contours for custom mapping
  • ClearVu sonar
  • No NMEA or Ethernet for connectivity
  • Doesn’t support charts


When it comes to the Garmin striker series, the Striker plus 7sv is easily regarded as the best of the lot. This is because it boast of the biggest screen of them all and offers all the view you need to catch your prey; from the sides ( SideVu) to under your boat (ClearVu). This unit also comes with GPS as part of the package. However, it is also important to note that it is the most expensive of the Striker unit.

As opposed to the other feature Striker units, the Striker plus 7sv comes with a much more improved and bigger 7inch, 800h x 480v pixel resolution which guarantees crystal clear views on a 3 – way split screen enabling you maximize the CleaVu, SideVu and CHIRP features. You’re sure of getting the best of images to the sides of your vessel and underneath it.

The Unit is armed with the basic GPS plotter like the other Garmin strikers and has the Quickdraw contour feature but it does not support any Map.

It allows wireless connectivity, enabling you Sync your smartphone via the Active captain App to receive smart notifications on your phone. It comes with the IPX7 waterproof and a temperature sensor.

This Device also comes with a Transducer.

  • Standard CHIRP
  • ClearVu Sonar
  • SideVu
  • Transducer
  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS plotter
  • Doesn’t support charts


The ECHOMAP series are a range of more technologically advanced fish finding device from Garmin. They serve as both Fish finder and Chart plotter and are consequently more expensive compared to the Striker series. However, the UHD63cv is one of the most pocket friendly of the lot.

The UHD63cv comes with CHIRP and ClearVu sonar and supports frequencies 50/77/83/200khz for CHIRP and 260/455/800khz for ClearVu. It comes armed with the GT24UHD – TM Transducer model and a 20ft cable, 4 – pin connector, Temperature sensor and a Transom mount.

Unlike the Striker series, one major advantage of this Unit is the fact that it comes with pre- loaded charts as opposed to when you have to solely rely on your own personally drawn charts which cannot be as comprehensive as the LakeVu G3 charts that covers more than 17,000 US lakes, Rivers and Reservoir in details. It also still makes provision for the Quickdraw contour feature for custom Bathymetric mapping and has the capacity to save up to 5000 waypoints, 100 routes and 50 tracks.

Armed with a 6.2inch diagonal display and a 800h x 480v pixel resolution, the UHD63cv guarantees you clear as day views and also has a LED backlight to further enhance your views especially, in a sunny environment.

The device makes ample provision for connectivity with the provision of NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 and WIFI. You can also Sync your Smartphone via the Active captain App.

  • CHIRP Sonar
  • ClearVu Sonar
  • Transducer
  • 20ft Cable
  • Temperature sensor
  • LakeVu G3 charts
  • Quite expensive
  • Transducer mount not included


This beauty is one of the more recent devices introduced to the market by Garmin. It was unleashed in the latter parts of 2020. The Unit comes with a 9inch WVGA color display and a 800 x 400 pixel resolution which gives you clear as day viewing and also comes with a LED backlight. Wanna know what’s more? This device combines the usual side keypad means of navigation with a cooler, more sophisticated Touchscreen mechanism and also comes with a very user friendly interface.

This Unit enables Chartplotting and allows way points and route creation. It also enables ssssssssstrack recording. It offers LakeVu G3 charts, Depth range shading, Auto guidance and Quickdraw contours for customized mapping.

With the inclusion of 0183 and 2000 ports and also WIFI enabled features, the Echo Map UHD93sv covers for Networking pretty well and also allows you Sync your Smartphone via the Active Captain APP making downloads and uploads easy.

It comes armed with three different Sonar types; CHIRP, CleaVu and SideVu and includes a GT56 UHD Transducer that supports all the Sonar types. If you’re a Kayak angler looking for a fish finder that best suits your vessel, then look no further because the UHD 93sv is widely regarded as one of the Best Garmin Fish finder for Kayaks.

  • 9inch color,800 x 400 resolution for clear viewing
  • Keypad and Touchscreen navigations
  • Waypoint/route creations
  • LakeVu G3 charts
  • NMEA 0183/2000 ports for networking
  • CHIRP/ClearVu/SideVu Sonars
  • Trolling mount for the transducer not included
  • Quite expensive


If you’re one for Ice Angling and or have a desire to experience what fishing on frozen water

feels like then this might just be the perfect choice for you. The Garmin Striker plus 5 comes prepared and armed with a rugged design to brave even the toughest of fishing conditions and still maintain peak performances.

The 5inch WVGA color display and 800 x 480pixel resolution it provides guarantees clear readability and helps you tell underwater objects, shapes and forms apart easily. It has an adjustable LED backlight to help you see clearly in sunny environments and comes waterproofed.

The Striker plus 5 ice bundle operates CHIRP and ClearVu Sonar types and has GPS and waypoint features that enables you save favorite fishing spots and other areas of interests.

  • Split screen allows multitasking
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Dual frequency Sonar
  • LED backlight enhances readability in sunlight
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • No microSD card reader
  • No NMEA


This durable, portable, castable piece of Sonar technology works with the free Striker Cast App available for both Apple and Androids to locate Fish and show them right on the screen of your Mobile phone or Tablets. Simply put, you’re turning your smartphone or tablet into a Fish finder.

Now isn’t that really cool?

All you have to do is cast out the Sonar from the shore,dock or boat and then reel it back in and Voila! The Fishes are being displayed on your smartphone of Tablet screen. Whether for Freshwater or Saltwater and even on Ice, the Striker cast Sonar does an excellent job and relays images of both Fish and structures in clear, crisp details.

You also have the luxury of choosing between the traditional,easy to read; 2 – D Sonar and Ice flasher modes and set range, gain and other adjustments

 Installation for this is easy and fast.All you have to do is remove the Sonar from the pack, get the free App and then pair your mobile Device with the cast Sonar and you’ll be getting your fishing groove on in a bit. This Device comes with waterproofing IPX6 and IPX72 and gives you access to the online Garmin Quickdraw community which lets you download contour Maps so you can remember your favorite fishing spots.

  • Durable, waterproofed Design
  • Free striker cast APP
  • Dual beam Sonar
  • Quickdraw
  • In – built GPS
  • Uses Bluetooth connectivity which is not as effective as WIFI

Final Thoughts

Founded ProNav in the year 1989 before being later renamed Garmin, the Garmin brand has been catering for Anglers of all class; newbies, regulars and professionals – Types and budgets for over three decades. From their STRIKER range of affordable yet efficient units to the more technologically advanced ECHOMAP series and then the Sophisticated GPSMAP range, Garmin ensures there’s a Unit that meet every need and budget.

This list is made up of affordable Fish finder units that nearly anyone can afford, barring the exception of a couple expensive ones, and all the devices mentioned have near 5 – Star rating on retailer websites.

The list features the best of entries from random sampled list of “Best Garmin Fish finders” available on the internet space.

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