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It can be really tiring while fishing in winter as cold weather and windy conditions often prevail, making it difficult to fish under a thick blanket of ice. Drilling holes under the ice in different places to find fish is another time-wasting practice and one of the major challenges without knowing the perfect spot for fishing.

However, with the ease of technology, it makes the job much easier for you to find fishes even in winter, under thick icy conditions, and lets you enjoy the fishing in this season with the help of ice fish finder. These ice fish finder’s aid in not only finding the perfect and accurate spot for you to drill holes but also saves your time as it’s equipped with flashes, sonar technology, GPS, and mapping features. The ice fish finders are easy to use and install as most models are portable and wireless, making them pocket-friendly and affordable.

This article focuses on the best quality, top 6 ice fish finders for you to choose from, according to their depth range, capabilities, and various other features. These ice fishing fish finders can be used by professional and beginner anglers to profit themselves with loads of fish without consuming nearly as much time.

top 6 Best Ice Fishing Fish Finders


Drilling holes irregularly under the ice and fishing without the perfect spot is useless and frustrating. With the GARMIN STRIKER PLUS 5, you can catch fish even in the harshest environments, for cheaper costs and less effort. The Ice fisher GARMIN STRIKER PLUS 5 has a 5-inch display with a pixel resolution of 800 x 480, and the LED backlighting allows you to adjust the brightness to fit different lighting conditions for crisper, clear display with minimal glare. For a wide range, this ice fish finder supports CHIRP technology with clear fish arches and easy-to-read target separation, while the map software also lets you create and store maps with one-inch contours for up to two million acres and has a keypad for intuitive and straightforward operation.

Moreover, its GPS receiver can store up to 5000 waypoints, with durable and long-lasting battery life. The ability to view the 2D sonar and ice flasher on split-screen makes this ice fishing fish finder stand out. Having these two types of sonars available allows you to compare them and see what is happening beneath your boat, in the water below. This device is highly water-resistant and can withstand intense weather conditions. In addition to all these features, the GARMIN STRIKER PLUS 5 can also be used efficiently during the summer season by purchasing a transducer with ClearVu sonar capability.

  • Fish alarm
  • Water temperature sensors
  • Ships with a convenient portable carry-case.
  • No micro SD card reader
  • Maps are not upgradable


Under the thick blanket of ice HUMMINBIRD 410990-1 ICE HELIX, 7 is the ice fish finder that will help you grab piles of fish with its amazing and advanced features. HUMMINBIRD ICE HELIX 7 is a standout when it comes to flexibility and functionality, loaded with unique features that can make it soar high above the competition. It has an ultra-bright colorful LCD of 7 inches and a dual-beam of CHIRP sonar that will aid you to see clearer, better, and more detailed images. With its GPS plotter and base map, this unit is a versatile performer all year long, helping you find and catch fish no matter the season.

The ice anglers can take advantage of the jig charge mode and split-screen view when the lake is iced over. GPS map plotting provides high-precision satellite information that allows you to mark hotspots and locate them even when it starts to warm up. Moreover, its GPS helps to save 2750 waypoints and 47 locations that can be accessed whenever you want. In addition, it offers an optional Fish ID feature that uses fish symbols rather than archways, making it easier to read for some users.

  • Micro SD card reader
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto Chart Live Ice
  • No temperature graph function
  • Does not support older Navionics charts


MARCUM LX-7 is one of the advanced ice fish finders which will help you drill holes in the perfect places without wasting your time. If you are an impatient fisher, then this ice fish finder may be the best choice for you. It’s a bit expensive, but worth buying, as it provides you with all the pleasures and comforts that come with a quality fish finder, even with the thickest of ice coats over the water. It has a large eight-inch dashboard that displays all the information you need right at your fingertips and is easy to read. Moreover, this user-defined dashboard provides information about depth, bottom coverage, range, gain, interference rejection, and target adjustment, as well as battery voltage.

The display can be customized by selecting the colors and view modes that you prefer, such as the real-time flasher display, graph, vertical zoom, sonar display, and night screen. In addition to these features, it has a sonar display, vertical and horizontal water column highlights, and flasher-dials. And to top it all off, you have Sonar Footprint technology, which lets you see the area of coverage at any level of depth, with angles of 8 or 20 degrees.

  • Battery life
  • four user-selectable color palettes
  • 1/2-inch target separation
  • No battery life indicator
  • Less effective in very shallow waters
  • No structure scanning sonar


In the advancements of 2021, the GARMIN PANOPTIX, PS22 ICE FISHING BUNDLE is one of the most comprehensive and powerful ice fish finders in the market. Its a bit expensive though, but it’s worth the hit to the wallet, as it consists of many versatile features, removing all your worries of catching fish while on icy waters. Moreover, it can be used in summer with its diversity in features. The Pack includes Garmin’s Echomap UHD 73cv sonar paired with two transducers, the Panoptix PS22 and the standard Garmin ice transducer. Besides being a chart plotter, it is also networkable, so it can be installed on a boat. ECHOMAP UHD 73cv features three types of sonar: CHIRP standard, ClearVu, and Panoptix LiveVu. CHIRP sonars provide the traditional view of sonar. ClearVu sonar provides a clear sonar image from right underneath the transducer, while LiveVu offers a live sonar feed that allows you to see the movement of your lures and the fish attacking them, and it offers a variety of navigation features. It is equipped with a 5 Hz GPS receiver, which means it can provide updates five times per second.

There is both keypad navigation and touchscreen technology in the unit. As with any tablet or smartphone, it responds to touch commands, but you can also navigate through its menus and access its functions via a keypad on the right. It has an easy-to-use interface; you can customize the homepage with the application combos you use most often. Furthermore, it supports up to four separate applications per view.

  • Wireless connectivity;
  • Micro SD card reader;
  • LakeVu g3 charts
  • Supports multiple frequencies
  • Expensive


If you’re finding an ice fish finder with basic functions and a pocket-friendly one, then LOWRANCE HOOK REVEAL 5 could be the best option for you. The ice fish finder has a display resolution of 800H x 480V, Solarmax displays are equipped with LED-backlit to improve readability in direct sunlight, and are waterproof. The Lowrance ice fishing bundle includes the Hook Reveal 5 Split shot control head, and features two sonar technologies, DownScan and CHIRP. Moreover, it has a Fish ID, A-Scope, Bottom Lock, Split-Zoom, Depth Alarm, Fish Alarm, Sonar Recording, and Sonar Auto tuning. The Hook Reveal 5 unit is pre-loaded with the U.S. C-MAP base map for the inland waters. It covers more than 4,000 U.S. lakes with 1-foot contours.

  • Genesis Live
  • micro SD card slot
  • User-friendly interface
  • Not networkable
  • No Ethernet
  • No wireless connectivity


If you’re finding a low-budget ice fish finder then LOWRANCE 000-12635-001 HOOK-3X SONAR is another great option, with its basic features, portability, and highly user friendly design. It comes up with 3.5 inches screen display with a resolution of 320 x 240 and an LED backlight. The unit includes a 9-pin High-Speed Skimmer transducer with a temperature sensor. With a tilt-and-swivel quick-release bracket, the transducer can reach up to 300 feet. In addition to ASP, the Fish ID technology also comes with the Lowrance Hook-3X. The transducer is capable of scanning fish targets, underwater structures, and bottom contours at 75mph.

  • Dual-frequency sonar
  • LED color display with adjustable backlight
  • Easy to use
  • No GPS
  • No networking options


Different models and sizes of ice fish finders offer different features and accessories. Some of them, however, may not be suitable for your budget or needs. Therefore, it’s very important to know what you’re paying for, especially if you’re new to the market, or are buying your first ice fish finder. To help you choose the right fish finder, we will discuss some of the most important factors involved in selecting quality ice fishing fish finders.


A fish finder for ice operates at a different frequency. In determining what you see on your display, it plays a major role. For fishing in relatively shallow depths, high frequencies are best, while lower frequencies provide better detail. There are some with single frequencies and others with dual frequencies. A dual-frequency fish finder gives you more flexibility over where you can use it, as you can adjust the settings based on the situation.


The ice fishing fish finder display is where all of the information will be translated so that you can successfully grab your fish. Choose displays that are easy to read regardless of the weather. A backlit display is ideal if you happen to be fishing in bright sunlight, and a night mode is useful if you prefer to fish at night. Moreover, a high-resolution screen is more beneficial while choosing the right ice fish finder.


Consider a GPS-integrated unit if you often fish in remote spots that are difficult to locate on a subsequent trip. When you have to “mark” a particular area on the ice that has no distinguishing features visible to the naked eye, having this feature comes in particularly handy.


The last thing anyone wants is for their ice fish finder to suddenly shut down when they are out on the ice and miles away from a wall socket or charger. Battery life is greatly impacted by cold weather, so you need a device that can withstand the elements. So a long-lasting ice fish finder with a powerful battery is advisable.


The best ice fishing finders are well built to withstand extremely cold conditions and transmit clear signals for a long time. A transducer’s quality is a very important consideration since it has an impact on both the quality of the output and the durability of the unit. As well as offering superior durability, a fish finder that is designed for ice fishing must be equipped to withstand cold temperatures and provide reliable performance even under severe wintery conditions.


Q: What is an ice fishing fish finder?

A: An ice fishing fish finder is a battery-powered device that uses sonar to detect fishes deep under the thick blanket of ice, the information is then displayed on a screen. Anglers can then use useful data such as fish size, number, and behavior to adjust the position of lures and fishing spots.

Q: What’s the difference between an ice fish finder and a regular fish finder?

A: Ice fish finders are designed to function reliably in cold temperatures, which makes them different from regular fish finders. The devices are made of materials that work in cold weather, use color-coding to display what lies underneath the slow, and use flasher technologies. In frigid temperatures, most regular fish finders can’t be used. They have no protection against the snow and cold. Low temperatures will affect the performance of or damage regular fish finders.

Q: Can you use a regular fish finder for ice fishing?

A: Yes you can use regular fish finders for ice fishing, however, some models require an extra kit to work in severe cold conditions. Some multi-designed fish finders can be used in any season., but it is best to purchase based on the conditions you expect to be fishing in.

Q: What is the difference between chirp and sonar?

A: CHIRP stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse, with longer pulses than sonar and a higher range of frequencies. They offer more detailed, accurate information since they transmit a faster signal.


We have outlined six quality ice fish finders that can be used under thick blankets of ice. Our ice fish finders are of the highest quality based on your requirements, needs, and budget. Buying any of the fish finders listed above will let you satisfy your fishing urge. But if you’re still confused and unsure about what to buy, we highly recommend and suggest you purchase the GARMIN PANOPTIX PS22 ICE FISHING BUNDLE since Garmin is one of the leading brands that deals in fishing products. It is expensive but it will make you satisfy all your requirements as it’s equipped with high class and updated features, making sure your ice fishing is a joy ride rather than a waste of time. It has Garmin’s Echomap UHD 73cv sonar with additional two transducers, Preloaded LakeVü HD maps providing you details on more than 17,000 lakes, flasher, mapping features, GPS and an interface that can be easily used by beginners too.

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