Lowrance Hook2 4x Review

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Lowrance hook2 4x is ideal for boosting your catch after unsuccessful days in the water with a small boat. This is because it’s a small fish finder affordable and works just like the other types in the same series. But what makes it stand out from the rest? Why should you go for it? Here’s an article with these answers. We’ll do an in-depth Lowrance hook2 4x review, discussing its features, pros, and disadvantages. You’ll make a better choice before buying any fish finder for your fishing adventure since you fully understand what it entails.

Main Features

  • Bullet skimmer transducer which allows you to have traditional 2D sonar views
  • Broader sonar coverage which gives you twice the coverage of traditional fish finder
  • Super easy to setup
  • SolarMax display
  • Autotuning sonar
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Many different mounting options.
  • Well-placed menu buttons that allow you to operate it with one hand

Lowrance Hook2 4x quick review

ModelLowrance hook2 4x
DimensionWidth 3.8 inches, length 6.5, and depth of up to 200 feet.
CompatibilityFresh and salty water
Screen resolution480 by 272 pixels
Power500 W RMS
Display type16-bit color TFT
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  • It has autotuning sonar settings.
  • It supports a broader range of mounting options, so you choose the one of your likings.
  • This device display supports a broader range of viewing angles.
  • Its backlight allows you to fish even at night.
  • You can use it both in fresh and salty water.
  • It has IPX7 waterproof making it last longer.
  • This device is affordable.
  • It’s a wide-angle transducer allowing you to cover a wider area.
  • It comes with an extra GPS navigation system option.


  • You have to buy navigational software and hardware separately.
  • This unit’s screen might be smaller for you.
  • It doesn’t include battery
  • It only shows fish arch and doesn’t have fish icon options.

In-Depth Review on Lowrance Hook2 4x Features

The fish finder’s display

This device has a 4-inch display similar to some of the high-end fishing aids, although it’s not the biggest display in the market. Its display includes SolarMax technology, which will help you during the very bright days while fishing.

The display can adjust the brightness settings depending on the amount of light emanating from it. With 480 by 272 pixels display, you can view various angles, which helps you not to stand directly over the display to get a better view.

Remember, all the angles are visible at 70 degrees except for the bottom. You can view the bottom with 50 degrees viewing angle.

It also has a backlight making it the best choice if you like fishing at night. However, using it might make you miss seeing your target since it’s not bright enough.


This device is one of the best fish finders, which allows you to use the navigation system. If you buy hook2 4x with GPS, it will come with a dedicated GPS plotter to help in your navigational needs. With this, you’ll be able to get accurate data on your device map. You can also add waypoints, follow trails and identify your best fishing spot.

Note that you can update your navigation system to the C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis, and Navionics. With these upgrades, you’ll be able to see the underwater surface better even without using sonar.

Fishing range

Before buying any fish finder, you should consider its range. With a good range, you won’t need to move around a lot, saving time and resources. This unit comes with the best range in the market since it’s a wide-angle sonar technology that enables you to cover more than the traditional fish finders can. Additionally, the bullet skimmer transducer gives a GPS plotter that makes up the 2D imaging of the surface below your vessel, resulting in quality images.

Lowrance hook2 4x performance

One feature of this device that stands out is the autotuning sonar setting which allows you to operate without dialing the sonar. This means once you get into the boat, your main focus will be on fishing.

However, when you look at the sonar coverage, it gives you two different results. It offers a wide-angle sonar beam while the fish finder gives only a single beam. This means you can see fish within a wider coverage but not get finer location details of your target fish.

The sonar coverage of this unit is double that of traditional fish finders. It also gives 2D imaging indicating the fish arch and depth of fish.

Sonar and transducer

Lowrance hook2 4x fish finder has only wide-angle broadband sonar and doesn’t support either downscan or sidescan. It is a single beam only with a frequency of 200khz. It also doesn’t support 50khz and 83 kHz.

This device comes with a bullet skimmer transducer which consists of plastic material. It has a transom mount of 20 feet and a cable with an 8-pin connector. The unit also comprises of a temperature sensor.

It uses a wide-angle conical beam with coverage of 40 degrees and a maximum depth of 500 feet.

A picture of Lowrance hook2 4x fish finder

Control feature

Lowrance hook2 4x fish finder comes with a 4-inch WVGA color display with a pixel resolution of 480 by 272. It also hasa backlight LED that enables you to read regardless of the weather condition. The unit lasts longer because of the IPX7 waterproof, which also makes it withstand rain and water exposure.

You have to operate this unit using buttons since it’s not a touchscreen. It doesn’t include NMEA, WIFI, and ethernet connectivity or microSD card slot, so you can upgrade it.

Note that the mount for thisunit is the standard tilt swivel bracket, and the box doesn’t come with a cover or in-dash mount.

If you’ve never used a fish finder before you can watch the following video and learn how to install and use it.


If you want a fish finder for a small boat, this is the ideal choice. It has autotuning sonar that allows you to concentrate on your fishing. It offers a wide-angle broadband sonar and SolarMax display, which gives you clear images and better readability. But it doesn’t have microSD card slots, Wi-Fi, or touchscreen, which makes some functions not possible with this fish finder. Check out the latest price here on Amazon!

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