Lowrance Elite 7 TI Review

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Settling for the best fish finder is never easy since most of them share features and specs. For example, most Lowrance elite series are similar to each other with a notable difference. So, for youto choose the best Lowrance elite fish finder series, you need to understand the in-depth information about its features that makes it stand out from the rest. This is why we will do a review on Lowrance Elite 7 TI so that you can know what you’re about to buy. Read this article and get all the information you’d deem useful.

Elite 7 TI Features

  • A touchscreen display that controls all features.
  • This device has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi making upgrades and connectivity easier.
  • A 7-inch screen.
  • Preloaded detailed lake maps, which give high-definition depth contours for many lakes.
  • It has a more sonar view.
  • SD card slots for software and mapping upgrades.

Lowrance Elite 7 TI Quick Review

ModelLowrance elite 7 TI
Dimensions9.26 by 5.95 by 3 inches
Weight2.20 lbs.
TransducerTotalscan, transom mount number 000-12568-001
Depth capacity1000 feet for chirp sonar, 300 feet for downscan and sidescan
Display (size, resolution, backlit color)7″ diagonal, 800Hby 480V pixel matrix, 16:9 aspect ratio, WVGA COLOR TFT, and adjustable LED backlight.
Power outputMaximum 500 W(RMS)
Power input12 VDC (10-17 VDC min-max0
MapsEnhanced elite basemaps
Routes, waypoints, tracks100;3000, 100(10000 points per trail)
Wi-Fi and connectivityYes
The packagingLowrance elite 7 ti, quick release bracket for elite/mark 5″ models, HDS/elite/hook/mark power only cable, totalscan skimmer med/high 455/800, and Elite 7 ti/ti2 suncover.
PriceCheck Price!


  • An accurate inbuilt GPS antenna.
  • High quality and a big screen.
  • Trackback feature that allows you to revisit the sonar data and pinpoint locations.
  • Preinstalled US base maps with more than 3000 lakes,coastal regions, and rivers of the contiguous US.
  • Wide choice of map expansions which you can install using a microSD card.
  • It has low, medium, and high chirp sonar.
  • Its screen is a multi-touchscreen.
  • Operates in 36 different languages or has downloadable language packs.
  • The sonar can record (trackback).
  • Easy and convenient UI.


  • The manual of this device is confusing and hard to follow.
  • It’s expensive since you have to buy extra map packs.
  • It doesn’t show water depth.

Explaining Lowrance elite 7 TI features

Display /screen

Lowrance elite 7 TI has a 7-inch display and is the biggest screen in this series, although it’s medium-sized if you compare it with other models. Its pixel matrix is 800 by 480 and a 16:9 aspect ratio. This device display consists of a pure-white LED backlight, so you can use it under any weather condition.

Its screen has waterproof features which enable you to use it in the rain or even submerge it in 3.3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Although this device has not been tested against dirt and dust, you should be cautious while them.


Another feature that makes this unit stand out is the inbuilt EGNOS/WAAS/MSAS capable of 10 Hz GPS technology. It also comes with preloaded basemapscovering more than 3000 US rivers, lakes, and coastal regions. But you can upgrade to Navionics gold, Nautic insight pro/HD, or lake insight at will.

With this device, you can save around 3000 waypoints with 100 routes and trails. You can also customize the waypoints using suggestive icons. It also has numerous navigation alarms like arrival, No GPS Fix, anchor, and waypoint radius. Note that it also includes a 3D chart.

Since this unit has a structuremap, you can put your chart above sidescan imaging as an overlay. It also has the smartsteer function via NMEA for motorguide Xi5 trolling motors.

Sonar and transducer

This device has a standard 2D sonar and structurescan, but it can use the chirp technology only for traditional 2D imaging. Its 2D sonar covers both the medium, low and high chirp of 50/83/200 kHz, giving quality details in shallow and deep water. The structurescan can use the 455 and 800 kHz frequencies.

Although it has a totalscan transducer with similar features as the LSS-2 skimmer, it is compatible with both structurescan and other types of 2D sonars. The totalscan transducer can cover 83 and 300 kHz for 2D scanning and 455 and 800 kHz for sidescan and downscan. It also has a 9-pin connector and temperature sensor plus transom mount and a 24 feet power cable. But you can use the cable adapter to connect this unit to an older transducer model that’s in your boat.

But because this transducer can’t release a low chirp of 50kHz, you should use either medium or high frequencies of between 83 and 200 kHz. or buy an extra 50/200khz transducer. The scanning depth for 2D sonar is 1000feet and 300 feet for structurescan. However, if you buy a better transducer, this unit can scan up to 3000 feet depending on the water condition and the bottom structure. This unit’s side beam can cover up to 300 feet at 455kHz and about 100 feet at 800kHz. Its chirp sonar uses conical beams at 20 degrees for 200khz and 60 degrees for 83kHz, giving maximum elimination of extra clutter with better target separation and definition.

The 2D sonar has features like a bottom lock, fish ID, circular flasher, and split zoom. Note that the trackback and downscan features are also present. To get a high-quality image, you should use a speed of 307 MPH, although this device can show you clear bottom reading at 55MPH.


Lowrance elite 7 TI consists of a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use Bluetooth to connect your device with another Bluetooth-enabled unit like a smartphone and control it remotely. Wi-Fi enables you to do software updates and get insight genesis maps from the GoFree cloud. But it also includes the NMEA 2000 output. If you want to know how to set up your Lowrance elite 7 TI and get better results to watch a video on its settings.


Although Lowrance elite 7 TI is expensive, its features are worth the money. With it, you’ll be able to identify fish underwater in about 3000 rivers and lakes. Since it has atouchscreen, you can zoom in for better viewing. You can also use it in any condition owing to the backlit LED screen. The trackback is also agreat feature that allows you to review and see fish and spots that you might have skipped. Remember, this device has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that will enable you to connect with other equipment in your boat and control them remotely. With this review, I hope you can now make an informed decision and enjoy your fishing and great catch. In case you want to check the current price, here is the link to product on Amazon!

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