Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2 Review

Fishing is more than just a hobby these days, with more and more people heading out to seas, rivers and lakes on holidays, whether it is to catch fish they can have for lunch or take pictures to go on Instagram. 

And fishing devices today include more than just a rod with a piece of meat at the end. Today, anglers are heading out with fish finders that are more professional to pursue their passion in a more serious way. 

If you are one of them, we already know that, from the fact that you have come to check out the latest among the Lowrance Elite 12 series. 

So today, we are going to do an in-depth Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2 review. 

One of the leaders in marine electronics since 1957, Lowrence has for over six decades, been providing anglers with electronic equipment to help in activities like underwater imaging, mapping, navigation and so on. 

It has, in the recent years, come up with a number of high definition products that are easy to use and at the same time, packed with some of the most advanced features that make them a favourite among anglers today. 

We know that you are curious by now, so let’s begin by having a brief look at the overall specifications in the table below: 

What’s in the Box

  • One Lowrence Elite 12 Ti2 device

Pros and Cons of the Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2

Now, no review is complete without a detailed overview of the pros and cons of the product. 

So, before we jump to read about the features of this product in detail, let us briefly consider some of the things that you are going to like about this product in a nutshell, along with some of the things that you may not be happy about. 

That said, let’s start with the pros: 


  1. A large display of nine inches
  2. Has a stylish design
  3. Over 3000 maps included in the device
  4. Durable to withstand almost any weather condition
  5. Has a highly sensitive GLONASS antenna
  6. Easy to use


  1. More on the expensive side
  2. Limited warranty of just one year
  3. Needs improvement in the area of portability

Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2 Features: 

Now that we are familiar with this product from the Lowrance Elite 12 series,.let us move to have an in-depth look by reading about the features of this device: 

Sonar Features:

The Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2 has a high sonar quality with FishReveal, which now gives anglers an enhanced image of all that is below for a greater chance to identify their targets by seeing everything in detail. 

There is an easy to use touchscreen which is clear and allows for target separation, which means you can easily distinguish between objects that you see. 

With Genesis Live, you can now create custom live maps on your screen. Added to this is the wireless networking and smartphone notifications that you can now see on your screen. 

And finally, you can experiment much more with the trolling motor integration. So, thanks to the Lowrance Elite 12 Ti2, catching fish is now easier and more fun, be it a hobby or profession.

Active Imaging:

Let;s now look closer at this Active Imaging feature that this device comes with. This is a kind of sonar that delivers images of high resolution to give you a clear view of all the fish and other structures in the water. 

You can now obtain superior measurements of all that you see, no matter what season or time of day it is. You can now examine wavelengths better and control your targets easily. 

Wireless Networking:

Well, now this is something that we are seeing for the first time with the Lowrance Elite series. You can now say goodbye to all those messy and untidy cables while you are in the boat and enjoy a smooth wireless experience that’s more efficient with an excellent networking capability. 

You can now share data from one device to another with ease. 

Greater Mapping:

Mapping can now be done in real time with this latest product from the Lowrance Elite 12 series that lets you update and map areas with ease, creating high definition maps for a better search in all those hidden areas like ditches and drop-offs in the sea. 

So, go ahead, you can now have more fun fishing with a truly customizable mapping experience for transparency, depth, density and so much more. 

Easy Navigation:

And it is not just mapping. Navigation is also now much easier, thanks to a route planning system that helps you find the shortest and the safest course and save time in the process. 

Smartphone Notifications:

Thanks to this advanced feature you can now focus on the water better as you have your smartphone notifications built into the device to pop up notifications that will now appear on the screen of your device. 

This way, you don’t have to turn away to check a beeping phone and can deal with the messages you receive right away each time. 

Wireless Connectivity:

Finally, this device lets you enjoy wireless connectivity at all times, so you can download all the latest software updates and get them displayed on the screen. 

From service reports to technical support, you can enjoy them all in a better way from now. 

A Colorful Display:

And before we end, let’s not forget the display of this device with its wide palette of colors to give you more accurate pictures, making everything now easier, even in days of bright sunlight, thanks to the greater color and contrast that you can now enjoy. 

Speaking of the display, you also get to enjoy a touchscreen that is easy to use with greater fingertip control and variou other advanced features and functions. 

Final Words

So, to put it all together, we can say that this Lowrance Elite device is true value for money that is sure to not disappoint you, with its many new features that easily gives it a place among some of the favourites of anglers today. 

So, if you are a serious angler, passionate about fishing, and looking for a good device to work with, this is one of them that you can consider. 

On the more expensive side, with very few areas of improvement, it caters to all your needs and is sure to keep you catching more fish. 

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